15 June 2021

Welcome to Mieville!

Mieville is a Moderate level community of 12 regions. Most are Victorian Steampunk in the style of late 19th century San Francisco and New Orleans,  and most are named after a popular Victorian novelist.  

Mieville (pronounced me-ey-ville) includes residential and shopping districts, where visitors and residents can explore beautiful parklands, ports, and special interest locations. Mieville is the home base of Historical Hunts Ltd (HHL), proudly presenting three annual grid-wide hunts (STEAM: The Hunt!, Silk Road, and The Renaissance Hunt and Faire) plus several themed one-sim market & entertainment events throughout the year.

 Mieville is an active group participant in Relay for Life (RFL) in SecondLife 

 Mieville by Tattoo Lane

Historical Hunts Ltd. logo by Tattoo Lane

Mieville Steampunks logo by Unalunaqat Resident